New Year’s Resolution 2022

New Year's Resolution 2022How about a New Year’s Resolution 2022?  2022 is our new reality.  Hurray!  I think many of us wanted to wash our hands of 2021.

Shipping problems that the International business world never imagined appeared.   In the midst of a COVID-19 inspired shipping crisis, a ship blocked the Suez Canal to throw a further wrench in the works. Lockdowns and quarantines and travel limitations all piled on.  This all led to higher shipping costs, plus delays beyond words.  Raw material costs rose as the upset in scheduling led to higher costs.

While nothing can be certain, now it appears that COVID-19 will be endemic in a way that things can finally normalize. We are more mature in facing it somehow.  Even all the problems can normalize and some can attenuate.

I think we all need to resolve to give people more grace and more kindness in the year to come. So much hardship has passed and some remains. Everyone will need an extra smile and a word of encouragement.

In other cases, we will find it is time to prune the business, and we can do it with kindness and understanding as well.  Some of us our ready to spread our wings and see brighter days.

My New Year’s Resolution 2022

We were glad to make new friends in these hard times and bring smiles along the way. We learned something in this year, and commit find the good and connect more often.

Life and business is too good to submit too those things that drag us down. Prayer journaling helped me a lot these few years, and I continue several times a week.

Some of you on LinkedIn may note I have also recently been posting at the hashtag #Chinathen there with light and nastolgic thoughts from China in the 1990’s.

So here is to finding our better selves and drawing it out of others in 2022. Let’s make it better than 2021.


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