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China organization hiringWe know that half of people do not trust their boss or their teammates in China. How much do you think that costs you? Why is that true? It is true worldwide as well, but let’s focus on China organization hiring. 

China is a great place and a culture I love. I also know that 80% of the people I meet will not tell me the truth in any stressful situation. We have proven that in our 7 years of doing background checks on candidates for employment. (You might also want to see 12 Reasons Why Recruitment in China is Weak and What We Can Do.

Your China Managers Were Hired By You

We are very good at interviewing as it is our business. We cannot filter out the most devious liars or high level candidates via our initial two hour interview. Most companies are not digging that deep, so they are getting 80% managers who are deceptive and 20% who are not  So when the top manager or the majority of managers are devious, what does that mean for the rest?

They definitely become very political. Even the honest people learn how to be political. Then most people will feel the politics is unpleasant.  They will feel they not only do not trust their boss but also do not trust their teammates.   The survey noted that unfair pay makes people distrust their boss. That needs interpretation. People are usually unhappy with their pay when they have a bad boss and usually happy with their pay if they have a good boss. Satisfaction with pay is most influenced by the boss people have!

Your China Organization Hiring Needs Consistent Trustworthy Talent

The best people act political to survive, and the other 80% are political in a worse way. This increases turnover and dissatisfaction with pay. It increase silos and problems with quality/customer service. Productivity proves elusive. Good numbers come in, but you cannot believe them.

At minimum, the top leader in your China organization needs to be trustworthy, and all the managers the same will make you so glad you came to China.See also Giving Teams the Best Possible Shot.

Deep interviews with an eye to deep background checks are our key to cleaning up companies.  Our process then keeps companies happy and productive places to work where trust and high productivity reigns up and down.

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