One Bad Hire Can Ruin the Whole Team

one bad hireCompanies hiring in China often make one bad hire, and their whole team starts to crash.

Note this funny video with no commentary on this very issue.

Now, we all know replacing the team leader is risky. We have seen companies best efforts to improve there team destroy all their previous efforts. The new team leader destroys the confidence of the team or sets an example that ends up dragging the whole team down.  No one foresaw on the day the new leader started.

Worse than this, replacing just a quality manager, for example, can cause all the managers to move down the ladder. Human nature is such that one lazy example, or one or two political moves, and it spreads like wildfire.

One Bad Hire or One Great Hire?

Have you seen it happen? We are recruiters and through our work we fix a lot of messes. It is sad to see the impact of one bad hire. I saw one company trying to sell their China company and brought in a new GM who then caused all  the best managers to leave one by one. Finally, only the weak ones remained, and the company could only try to trick buyers that all was well. Sad tale and really so unnecessary.

There is a better way. Do not roll the dice. SHI Group uses our rigorous recruiting model to ensure no disasters occur.  Further, we bring you consistent value that far outweighs our fees.

It’s your company, you can do what you want, but we don’t want you in the newspaper for the wrong reason.  We want you in the paper for your startling success. SHI Group can help you get there. Are you ready to climb higher in your business? The right hire is a very important step.



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