People Join Great Vision But Leave Poor Leaders

people join great vision leave poor leadersA recent post I saw on Linkedin reminded me that people join great vision but leave poor leaders.

Seems many companies have a good elevator pitch to bring in top talent but then lose them to the bad leadership they have in place.

The article notes that companies often laugh off this person who left as being some fool who did not understand. I agree that a lot of bad leaders will put a spin on the issue of why a guy left. Do not take that spin.  Dig deeper. People leave great vision almost certainly because of bad leadership. I have lost managers to marriage twice in 20 plus years of leading in China. Lost another guy to a fancy dream he had and later deeply regretted. I can say that people we place have stayed a long time with our customers unless leadership changes led to bad leadership and then our placements could not bear it and left.

People Join Great Visions, BUT…

How many leaders are open to negative feedback from their direct reports? How many can actually encourage it, so they can get all the data and make the company better. Not many at all. When people can see the problem right in front of them every day and cannot mention it to their boss, then it gets harder. First engagement is lost. Then they start accepttiong interviews or even an offer. Finally, the brave people quit even with no job offer in hand. See also Work with Enemies?

Now, once you have lost engagement, you have lost a lot of value. When they are thinking of the next job, you have lost even more. This is going on all over with a huge loss of productivity.  Get rid of the leader that costs you both the energy of your team and even the best workers who leave more easily.



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