Perfect Job Descriptions, Really? What works?

Perfect Job Descriptions, Really? What works?

Perfect job descriptions like perfect candidates do not exist, so what is left to write?  Yes, there is more to think on.

First, I still occasionally sense in hiring managers a desire for the perfect candidate. This leads to trying to write the perfect job description.

Job descriptions often have 15-20 requirements. Can a hiring manager interview on 20 items?

Companies need to think clearly what their top priorities are for the job. What do they need this person to achieve? If they can answer that in one sentence they are close.  Needing English and certain work history would take one more sentence. That is core data for the search. No one can check 20 boxes. See also Ideal Job Descriptions – What a Mess.

Perfect Job Descriptions Thinking Needs to Be Put Aside

So let’s try to shake off thoughts of a perfect hire and find great hires. Let’s shake off thoughts of a perfect job description and focus on a few things that will make this a great hire.

Do you need this person to sell $1M or save you $1M, or do you need someone who can delight customers with a special design. Surely you need someone who can accomplish an important mission for you in the next year.  That is what we need. That is what will draw the right candidate in.

Carefully crafted JD’s may be boring, but you can change that.  Attract the right candidates by saying what you want accomplished in the first three lines of the JD. That will grab the right people. The rest is just details.

Candidates want to achieve something in their new job. So inspire them with what you hope to achieve. A description of responsibilities bores everyone. So a little change of thinking and a departure from thinking perfect can take us a long way.  Then will be taking a good step to draw in the right people.


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