Pitfalls of Applicant Tracking Systems More Clear

Pitfalls of Applicant Tracking Systems More Clear

I blogged on the pitfalls of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) previously, but now see things are even worse then my negative impression. Take a look at this astounding data:

According to HireRight’s 2017 employment screening benchmark report, 85 percent of employers caught applicants fibbing on their résumés or applications, up from just 66 percent five years ago.

Research into this huge negative change showed that applicant tracking systems were the cause. Using logarithms to have systems sort through resumes is a dynamic event and not a one sided gain for employers and recruiters. Employees jumped on this change and everyone wants to help them outwit this cold system.

Inc posted this important data. Great. I was astounded that they said some interview tricks like asking for some details can sort this out.  We do not think their suggestions are bad or harmful. We just think the conclusion that these 85% are easy to bleed out this way will not work out well.

Pitfalls of Applicant Tracking Systems Too Big

We do believe you can find the weakest of the deceivers by good interview methodology. Unfortunately, that means  the good and great politicians will all get in even why you feel comfort that this system is somehow protecting you.   It is a false comfort.  I do urge you to look at my 2016 blog on the perils of ATS.

You need talented human recruiters with a strong integrated system designed to bleed out the worst hires foremost, and get the rest in the process.

The article also says you can just get a background check company if you want, so you can be safe. We do not take work for just a background check. SHI Group finds it is not robust at all when divorced from an integrated system.  We do not want to give our customers any false comfort.


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