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Which side of the character line do you want your hires?

Predictive Analytics Recruiting is important, and surely we are masters by our strong process. We know a lot of companies are using big data to save time.  They use an educated  guess as to who is best by word usage in their resume. We know other people are making big money teaching candidates which key words to use on their resumes. SHI Group guesses the latter will be easier to master.

We strongly favor small data as being more customized and more reliable in its predictive strength.

No one can guarantee the future.  We have a 95% first time placement success rate. Nearly 25% of our hires are great hires according to our customers.  So we still have room to grow

Predictive Analytics Recruiting – Good Sleep with Small Data

However, our company grows partly because of our strong research on their work history and on the character of each candidate. Character is hard to know but critical to get a good hire.   We have found ways to find the pieces of character that are predictive of a good hire. Our customers like it, so the applause we get is faithful customers and more referrals.

You cannot research and know character because someone says they have good character, but we can add up various verifiable facts that are highly predictive of good character and a good hire. We cannot imagine how big data would improve on the strength of our small data process at this point. SHI Group thinks they are just lazy and hope the bad hires have not yet learned the key words. We know the very worst hires are sure to know and use the key words. Some others you may get lucky. Our system does not use gut feel or luck in our decision making. At SHI Group, we recommend based on verifiable small data.

What about you? Sensing a connection between your problem with politics and you hiring process?


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