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china premium recruiting Premium China recruiting takes a ton of effort. Other recruiters do not follow us in this path as it is entirely too much work. We also see that because I spent 20 years developing this model, it is hard for other companies to match a focused China based method to get the right people consistently. We can verify over 95% success in our placements as a result of our process and careful selection of recruiters to implement.

Also, we see that our % successful is also gradually rising.  Our model also means nearly a quarter of our placements are termed great, or way above expectations by our customers. We are so glad to be in the business of insuring quality while providing significant speed.

Our Way in Premium China Recruiting

I have been hiring people in China since 1997, so I know the cost of a bad hire here. Some steal, others make a mess of your culture, and others simply collect a pay check. These people drag the life out of any business, and my goal has always been to show them the door as fast as possible. For example, we can maintain and improve on our 95% success rate only by ensuring that we hired recruiters who were passionate for our model.

Notably, I never hire people who are experienced recruiters. International recruiters are way different than us in what they are doing in China。 Those recruiters would have inappropriate habits that we do not want to try to change. We find people who are thrilled to work in a company where honesty and real data live. Most recent recruiter hires for us came from Jabil and Johnson Control line manager positions. They left those companies as did not have what we have here.

So let’s no think all Chinese are untrustworthy or that you have to get mucky. This culture has its own good people, and we just need the right way to get there consistently. See 11 Needs for Excellent Executive Search China.


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