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premium recruitment in China

Premium recruitment in China is no dream and a worthy investment because this is a big market that needs the Best. China is an amazing land that has grown from poverty when I arrived in 1991 to being a powerhouse with nearly 18% of the GDP of the world within its borders.

Recruitment in China

Recruitment in China should not be a cross cultural gut feeling effort to know the best candidate. It leads to inevitable hit and miss plus the added politicians.

Recently, we had a difficult search for a hard-to-find Country Leader for a Western Client.  We found a woman who had an ideal resume and through interviewing 90 minutes, our whole team felt she was the one. Then the background search phase came.

She agreed to the check, and we started. Gradually, we went from hope to despair as her three main experiences proved to be good stories with little connection to truth. We are professional recruiters, and the core staff member who interviewed her has 9 years of full time recruiting experience. How could such a recruiter be convinced in the interview?

This candidate has 15 years of experience at manipulating like most senior leaders in China.  Even my three-year-old could tell a lie so smooth that I would be convinced before checking the data. Of course, a senior manager can hood wink even the best recruiters.

Yes, most people could tell a good lie that would be hard to see through if it meant covering those unfortunate events or important gaps.  In China we have found 72% do. Good news is 28% do not.

Let’s talk about those 28%. Are they better at doing real things as not lying every day? However, can their experiences ever be as captivating as the imagination of the other candidate?

It’s hard for these best candidates to get your job offer because the truth is not always as impressive as imagination. Talk is cheap. Real things are hard to accomplish.

Not surprisingly when you get one of the 28%, it is a breath of fresh air. It is hard to do unless you hire us.

Many times, that special placement is a game changer.

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