Price of Recruiting or Value of Hire?

price of recruitingSome companies see the price of recruiting as a non value added cost. In others, companies see recruiting as an administration expense. The resulting politics are a sign of the way they see recruiting.

Considering the value of great hires ought to make recruiting a question of return on investment.

It is not the money you put into recruiting that counts, but rather the value you get out of it. If 1/2 of your hires are good hires, or our candidates are better than 95% are good hires, then your cost of recruiting looks a lot different.

If your hires stay 6 months and leave/fire, or you keep them happily for 5 years, what is the cost of your recruiting?  See Why Take a Chance of a Bad Hire.

Since 25% of your hires from SHI Group are great hires on top of above, then what is the value of your recruiting?

Are You Focused On Price of Recruiting?  We Can Do Better For You

SHI Group China Recruiting is actually not very expensive, but people too often think to save money on recruiting. It is penny smart and pound foolish. Companies earn a lot on our recruiting when they think in terms of ROI.

We are the founders of rigorous recruiting. My Dad always said, “If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing right.” I could never do it any other way,  SHI Group Recruiting see most recruiting as rolling the dice. Because of this, I dug and found that putting in a lot more elbow grease with the right eyes could make recruiting a virtual sure thing.  That was 13 years ago, and now we are confident our process works for companies active in the US market.

Interestingly, the only problem with our recruiting is that our candidates make it less likely you will need recruiting again. People like working with them and especially working under them. Bosses never want to let them go. Everyone needs someone they can rightly trust.


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