Professional Recruitment China is a Different Path

premium recruitment ChinaProfessional recruitment China has very high value. It is actually a very different way of thinking of recruiting.

HR cannot reach this as are not focused and somehow do not have the business mind or engagement to get this done.  Given they have other responsibilities, they often cannot get enough depth or focus either.  They must become generalists.

I feel like most international recruiters have found a cost effective way to place people with good resume and interview ability.   In China actually, they do not even get that far often. It is a good service and provides gray candidates.

We approached recruiting based on my needs as a GM in China and developing what I needed to have to ensure consistent excellent hires.

I wanted real data. This should include they find more data and share it transparently with me. I want good responsiveness from the recruiter. They must be able to think about the placement from my perspective. I need them to have a business mind.  Further, I need them to work flexible hours and speak good English. They must have top flight interview skills and be able to look deeper than finding certain skills. I want them to tell the truth about my company so no surprises when the candidate comes to work. I want them to be tireless to find what I need. See also 11 Needs For Excellent Executive Search China.

Implementing to Get Premium Recruitment China

First step on providing this level of service was to find people who wanted to do it that way. This is a more black and white solution as the real data often screams an answer. Some people love doing transparent recruiting.

Second step is structuring and rewarding people in line with these goals for the business.

The other key is to focus on developing methodology over many years and with hit and miss success to develop a top flight solution not easily replicated.

Then I need the recruiter to develop a price structure to match this level of hiring. I would need the whole package as it were. Also take a look at Helping Our Clients Uncover Issues

So given how much I wanted, we developed a recruiting model based on my vast experience and deep methodology. We then unveiled it and promoted it transparently. The only way to advertise a transparent candidate model to is to be transparent ourselves. So here we are.

What else would you put on the list that you need?


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