Raise Your Recruiting ROI

raising your Recruiting ROILet me help you raise your recruiting ROI. Let’s look at the whole picture.

Is cheap recruiting cheap? Let’s say you get a recruiter who is a better price.  Why are they a better price?

To have a better price they will cut corners.  In a different vain, the potato chips you buy may cost the same but the bag keeps getting smaller.

In recruiting, recruiters are trying to make placements. They get paid for that.  Recruiters ask for less money but they will do less for you. They may not answer email.  However, the bigger question is will they secretly partner with the candidate to package them to get them in and make money. This  is why recruiting is often a mess. If you have all the true data, you can make good decisions on hiring. That is put out of reach if the recruiter does not know how to handle the temptation, Many fail and their boss never knew and never asked.

Raise Your Recruiting ROI With Better Data

What is the cost of having to overcome the recruiters effort to sell you someone and show you the shiny side of the apple? What is the cost of having someone with a secret about why they needed a new job?

Now, let’s assume the recruiter has not packaged the candidate. That costs more, but how is your ROI? You still are hiring people based on bad data that is simply not true. Candidates have a ton of pressure to change their resume to make it more perfect.  Have you ever wrote a resume and felt that pressure yourself? There is a lot of pressure to falsify. As such, many candidates will, and you will then be deciding with bad data. The guy who lied to show how good he is will usually look better then the guy who simply told you the real truth. That is why movies based in a true story are often far from the truth. Fantasy is more interesting but it does not help when the come to work, You need real work.

Therefore, you make decisions with bad data and get less then ideal or bad hires.   The ROI gets hurt by all these things.

In the final case you get all the data. the Result is you do not make an offer top Frank, and you made an offer to Tom. you dodged a bullet. The real deeper data helped you make the right decision. you could do it as the recruiter was on your team and killing off people like frank with hard to find but critical data.

Tom meets or exceeds expectations from day 1 and many more.  How much does he earn for you? What is the ROI?

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