Reaching Higher in Recruiting

reaching higher in recruitingSHI Group is reaching higher in recruiting to make sure you get the right person the first time every time. Well, for a long time, I have been saying we are 95% successful in placing the right person the first time, but a long string of more first time successes means we are now at 96.0%. Yes, we are reaching higher, and it shows.

Hiring does not have to be hope and guess work.  On boarding the first person you like is dicey and you know. Hiring from the first person you like who is also real and actually the right person is the way to do it.

This sounds simple, and I guess it is, but it takes a lot of commitment. To begin, we do not ship every candidate with a good resume and good English. That is way too messy. We need to make sure that every person you interview is worth your time. We make it a lot more efficient to find people you like. However, that is only half the battle. Many of the people you like are not being real but rather are trying their best to manipulate you.

Reaching Higher in Recruiting Takes a Lot More Effort and Wisdom

That is destruction for you. We must help you through that by getting the real data to make sure the real people are seen for the greatness they have. The fakers need to be seen as fakers who can talk so well,  but will not be good when they start to work for you. Inside, they are empty.  You can get help here from us as a third party. SHI Group can objectively help you get past the guy who you like but is not the right guy.

This, finding the right here,  is a very hard step to make well. If calling a reference would do it, we would not build a business around it. From the first contact to the last, we know how to build the true picture of the candidate. Getting someone you like as much in the first day of work as you do in the interview is not an easy task. You need us to look deeper, and that is exactly what we do, to get you the right hire time and again.

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