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Most recruiting in China and in the world is done with one eye open and one eye closed.  Most companies also would say they do real data recruiting.  However, they are then doing real data recruiting with that one eye. What about the other eye?

What I mean by one eye closed is that experienced recruiters are aware that if they ask one more question they might expose a bad part of the candidate, and so they do not ask that question or turn over that rock. They know nothing critical and tell you everything they know in the best companies.

Of course they are aware that more data is out there, but it is unpleasant to find out as they they would have to lie to you or withdraw a candidate they could sell. Neither is pleasant to them. No one will know the better.

SHI Group is Totally Comitted to Real Data Recruiting in Our China Focused Business

We are just that company that will both ask that question and then find out if the data proves the candidate is a bad hire. SHI Group simply withdraws the attractive candidate. Then we have to go find another one. The final result gives us over 95% success rate, but it is much more work for us. We also have the satisfaction of telling the tricky guy to go home. Of course, we know another recruiter will find him and not ask awkward questions and sell him to an unsuspecting Western company. You may also like to read Gut Feeling Recruiting vs the Facts.

Did you know that if we keep track of those tricky candidates, that they are usually employed? They are experts at getting to the interview and wowing in the interview. Everywhere they work they make owners confused as the data is muddled. Finally, they move on after making no end of headaches for their companies. They do not fear as know they can get hired at a new place.

The Best Hires Are Not Always Standouts in Interview

On the other side are guys who are committed to real work and real data, and so in the interview they are not as flashy. The lie sounds so much better as no one suspects the beautiful lie is not the truth.

The people we place we feel confident, and the people they place they just watch the calender and hope. We do not want to live that way and do not want you to live that way.  We see that Making Great Recruiting Decisions is About Data.

It is always hard to make an important hiring decision. We see that if you have all the data, that your chances of making the right decision will rise dramatically. In fact, you can get over 95% success because we can give you a clear view with all the data. We both find it and dare to share it even when it is not good for our candidate.

We regularly seek out the doubts of our clients after they have interviewed. SHI Group then seeks out objective facts to see if the doubts are reasonable or actually nothing to worry about. We have our own doubts and tell our clients what we learned about them as well. That is what SHI Group means by real data recruiting.

Getting the facts is no picnic. I note that it is an asynchronous process. Sometimes it goes quick, and sometimes make us scratch our heads, but we always find a way to verify facts before we recommend in detail.

You deserve the real facts and ultimately deserve good sleep knowing you can trust your China team to be doing good work.

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