Recruiting BD in China Is Like Gambling

recruiting BD in ChinaC.J. said finding suitable BD people in China is like trying to win the jackpot.  SHI Group would say that anybody that does not see it that way probably has extreme luck or is not aware of all that is going on.

Yes, we totally agree, but we have found a way to beat the odds. We have taken the risk out of hiring the wrong salesmen. Our rigorous recruiting process uncovers quite enough to ensure a good and often great hire.

As we see it, recruiting business development candidates is some of the hardest work we do as good BD’s are so scarce, while those good at interviewing are common.

Recruiting BD in China a Mystery Till Solved

We have one customer who hired a Sales leader.  They worked well together for near two years, and then the salesman suddenly changed. It became clear that he had been planning for a long time to cheat them. He played them for two years and then took those customers elsewhere.  Higly likely, 1 year into the hire, they were all pretty smug about this great salesman they hired.

I, on the other hand, would not be able to sleep at night those two years knowing the risks that exist.  Getting candidates from friends has proved the biggest risk. Seems no where is super safe. so lots of companies call us to solve this problem, and we find rock stars for them at the same time.

I always feel sad when I see people thorw their hands in the air and say things are just this way. We have proven in a multitude of different fields that talented and trustworthy BD talents exists in China. There is no need put up with such problems or inconsistency in hiring good sales people here. We have total confidence in saying this after 12 years doing this. Do You Need Better Recruiting 8 Questions to Know.



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