Recruiting China – What is Up?

Recruiting China – What is Up?

Recruiting ChinaI have written quite a bit about the state of recruiting in China.  I think each company has enough on its plate and has its own thinking on the recruiting problem.  It is quite reasonable.

Let me say what I see in China among Western companies here.

Recruiting China Has a Lot of Situations

Companies generally hire in China like they did in their home countries.

Most have a mixed bag and put up with China being this kind of place. They feel OK.

This is surely their prerogative.  Someday when the fuzz is too great, we welcome them to come talk to us.

Some are quite well. Actually, quite well. Their numbers make sense, and the truth is easy to understand. Good workers stay and bad workers leave. Usually this means they got lucky and hired a great guy to lead their company. He hired A players and made a strong transparent team. If that leader leaves, there is a very high probability that everything will slowly change.

Some seem to be quite well, but actually many secret things are happening. It may take 10 years, but finally the secrets will appear.

Most companies do not know if they are well or just seem well.

Some are clearly messy. Unclear numbers, confusion, and obvious wrong doing. The writing is on the wall. Most companies still will not change. They will still do hiring the same way and hope things work out better this time.

Some have no people in China and have a healthy respect for the vast differences in culture.

Others have no people in China and do things like they would do back in their HQ.

Premium Recruiting for China is Running

Amidst a lot of denial, we see a continuous stream of business from hiring managers who do not deny and want value and not low cost, low value recruiting. We see owners who want premium recruiting as want to know what is happening in their business in China. They believe that only with the premium raw material of excellent hires can you build an excellent business.  Check out our Recruitment Agency China.

We are glad to server each company in their unique situation to ensure they get great hires every time, well 95% of the time.


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