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recruiting Chinese managersRecruiting Chinese managers is hard work. However, it is also very important work, so we work hard at it.

I suppose if you put up an ad, and 3 people apply and you hire one, that it is not so hard. When we look at the people hired through such a process, we usually just shake our heads.  The quality of the resumes is the first issue. When people just submit a resume, they are often just fishing for a job and not clear on what you need, so they did not know just how to package their resume. Others research more and craft a resume they think you will like. Neither resume is likely to be true in key respects. We almost never propose a person who applies on our site.

Recruiting Chinese Managers Done Right is Hard Work

Start to finish, there is a lot that goes into a great hire. We think the first step is more deeply identifying the needs of the hiring manager. Many times, there are even unspoken needs that we can sense and piece together on one candidate who our clients may forget. Knowing the company better and knowing the hiring manager better are both keys to unlocking the right hire especially when it is a super hard search. Very few recruiters do even this, and we are just getting started. Think more on What Do You Want in a Recruiter?

We believe failure in recruiting usually comes at the filtering stage. Companies often get enamored with one candidate. We dig deeper and often find out that person is an expert at talking and lying. Sometimes, nothing checks out on their resume. Nothing. The customer is astounded as really likes talking to this candidate.  In the most recent case, SHI Group showed that is how she hoodwinked the last 4 companies she worked at. Glad she is not managing for that customer while a hard working capable guy is a rock star for them now that they will never let go of.

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