Recruiting-Chinese Play Chess; We Playing Checkers

recruiting Chinese play Chess This article hits it on the head.  We can know in recruiting Chinese play chess while we play checkers. Note this quote:

A similar view was expressed by Calvin Chrustie, a senior partner at the Critical Risk Team, a risk management and security advisory firm…. He is also a former senior director of operations at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and has been a negotiator in U.N. peacekeeping missions.

“Canadian business leaders, diplomats, and politicians have demonstrated over the last 20 years their inability to manage the risks associated with engagement with China, due to the lack of several things,” Chrustie told VOA. “One, awareness; two, due diligence; and three, the level of skill required to negotiate and navigate in this complex, polarized and adversarial setting.

“It’s kind of like getting in the ring with Muhammad Ali,” Chrustie added. “They’re playing chess, we’re playing checkers.”

I think this comment belongs to all Western Nations and not just Canada.

Let’s stick to business and specifically hiring though.

I am stunned that his first point is awareness.  First, I want to say he is insightful. We often act as if saying, “Why can’t they all be like us?” We have to see that, though they laugh and cry, they are thinking very differently than us. The difference is large, and it is not in our favor as their thinking is more complicated than ours. We should not be smug.  Can you see how this connects to problems with hiring here?

The 2d piece is due diligence. We call it background checks. We are not talking about candidate giving a few names of friends or purported bosses.   Background checks are more than window dressing for us. Interviewing is about specific checkable data.

Yes, Recruiting Chinese play Chess

Third is being deep enough. I started focusing on the issue of trustworthy talent in China in 1997. We find recruiting with quality is deep water, and we do not take it lightly.  We have found no better way then hard work with deep wisdom to get the right hire time and again.

Indeed, the Chinese play chess while we play checkers happens all over. We learned to play Chinese Chess and how to solve the riddle in hiring to serve you better.



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