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finding the right personFinding candidates is not so hard. Finding the right person is the real trick. Resumes help but have limits. They help more if you throw out rules like wanting a perfect resume. Interviews help, especially if they are done right.

However, ignoring their limits leads to a lot of bad hiring. Some people get mesmerised by a great looking resume. Others get pulled in by savvy interviewees. There are quite a few pitfalls on the path to good hiring. So, while the resumes and interview are useful and needed, I learned in 2008 that looking under the hood is mighty useful.

Finding the Right Person Takes Commitment and Insight

We were proposing a purchasing manager who was a man as the customer thought a man more suitable than a woman. However, we paused and thought, “let’s call his old company.” After some effort, we found that his resume was not true, and that he had lied to us in the interview.   We thought how such a person was not right to be doing purchasing work where payoffs were so common. We put forward a woman who had told no lies, and she is still working with them today.

My life was changed on that day. I had placed some amazing placements before that day. And I had made some bad placements, but that day turned a leaf.  When I put all the pieces together over years of placing candidates for myself and others and now including background checking, my system was complete. In the first 50 placements after using a complete system, we did quite good, but still had some hiccups.

Thereafter, we matured and tweaked our process till it hummed. We have not made a bad placement since 2018. SHI Group is so glad to have a system that we can be confident in. We like to make the world safe for good people by getting them jobs or placing good managers over them. at SHI Group, we could not have an over 96% rate of good placements without the passion we have for quality in our placements.

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