Recruiting in China’s Weaker Economy

recruiting in China's weaker economy

China’s economy was crushed by Covid-19 policy and then did not have strength to pull out of funk after Covid ended.  The bad housing market has really hurt China.  So let’s think about recruiting in China’s weaker economy.

In a strong economy very few workers were available to change jobs. The search factor was harder as more workers had more choices. Relatively few workers were actively in the market.

Now, the problem is more desperate candidates. They do not say they are desperate, but they are. The result is they have more tricks. Filtering rises to the top in a world where you have relatively more choices and some candidates more desperate.

Recruiting in China’s Weaker Economy Has Needs

At SHI Group China it is business as usual. We have always seen that the biggest failure in recruiting is filtering. Data is king, and we choose to go much farther to get the real data. We dig and find real data is not as common as we hope.

Nevertheless, we still get some projects that are relatively intractable.  Thus, companies still come to us after spinning their wheels for over a year with no hire. We solve the is two ways. First, we solve these problems by knowing our customers better. Often the market does not pick up the details in what companies are after. Secondly, we do not give up. We take our customers home in these harder searches. We dig and think until we unlock the harder recruiting projects.

Interestingly,  our business is a busy now as it was back in 2019. Five years later, Western businesses have done the math and see there is still money to be made in the number 2 economy. There was some kind of blind fear over Western businesses in 2023. In 2024, the race to get into the market with the right people is on.

Good hiring is still important in a country where we do well to get it right the first time.


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