Recruiting Means Sticking It Out

recruiting means sticking it out

High quality recruiting means sticking it out when things get tough. Lots or recruiters will send you a few resumes and hope to get lucky. Other recruiters will pad resumes and coach candidates to increase their luck, but of course this lowers your “luck.”

We coach candidates to be themselves. That is who they will be in the company, so try to be that in the interview.

We commit and move forward and find ways to get the right person. Search is mind numbing work and takes extreme commitment to keep at it. Have you ever stared at resumes for hours on end and not found anything worth moving on? It eats at your soul. However, it bears fruit. The unfindable is found.  Very simple virtually empty resumes on line prove to be passive candidates of merit that have not updated in 8 years as have done so well in this 8 years. How many dead ends do you have to go through to find that one? I hate to say. It hurts. Trying to maintain hope while endlessly finding another unlikely case is not for everyone.

Do you see why recruiters will cross the line and help candidates deceive you?

The more honest recruiters avoid asking questions that could lead to knowing more. The key is to stay in the gray area in the mass market. Company unhappiness follows.

Recruiting Mean Sticking it Out in More Ways Than One

We know more and could never go back to the gray area.

Good leaders exist in China. We have found them again and agaIn. Of course, even these extreme passive candidates may have learned more about politics than about real work in these 8 years. Even if their resume sparkles, they may have very important secrets they are hiding.  We find them out and save our clients from mediocre and/or horrible hires.

We love that and carry on developing more thoughts on better hiring.

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