Recruiting Risks vs Supplier Risks

recruiting risks

One path to rule them all

Recruiting risks are often not given enough emphasis. Supplier risk is usually in the trustworthiness of the supplier alone. However, the raw materials do not lie or deceive, so you do not face the double risk.

Investing in your people is good business let’s look at two aspects

Recruiting Risks are Greater than Supplier Risks and Less is Spent Here

1. Get professional help to ensure the best. In people, I mean teachable, transparent, and capable. The right raw material is critical to any product. We take great care in the quality of our supply chain. Yet our supplies never lie to us. Suppliers may lie.  Most recruiters, internal and external, lie under pressure. Raw materials do not. Candidates do, and threy lie a lot. So the double risk is candidates lie and recruiters internal and external help candidates lie as well.

The Forbes article How to Pay Your Employees Less talks about deception. Also, it talks powerfully for paying more for your workers as a means to increase your revenue. Companies somehow see deception as OK. The result in companies of 50 or more people is costly politics and over the top costs associated with substandard team performance when deception is not discovered in the recruiting process.  So I wish she had used a more honest title, but it makes a point.

The article makes a good point on how we increase our costs by being cheap on people. Paying low is a bad idea unless you really are a bottom dweller.

Recruiting should not be seen as amateur work while sourcing is for experts. Recruiting is infinitely more complex and more important to you.

2. Getting people training in upwardly mobile areas is also good business. In China, you can have workers sign training agreements.  You can have peace of mind that workers will not leave once trained. Of course, if you have hired Trustworthy Talent®, then you face little risk with or without training agreement strength. You may also like How Much Recruiting Risk Do You Want to Bear?

Invest in Recruiting to Get More

So let’s do good work on purchasing and adding value to raw materials. Let’s do even better in hiring. I also should ask if your background check on your purchasing people had teeth or not. That is the intersection of recruiting and supply chain.

You can blame recruiting for every problem in your business. We suggest you fix it.


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