Recruiting Salesmen in China

Recruiting Salesmen in China

I have not recruited outside China so cannot comment on salesmen outside China. I can say with authority that recruiting Salesmen in China is super hard.

Now, it can be easy I suppose. Get some resumes and hire the guy who talks best. I am sure that has led to most companies seeing they have a 50% success rate on hiring salesmen.  Even that assessment does not show that some have been bad hires who have secretly cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Of course that is not what I am thinking about when I say it is hard work. I say it is hard work as salesmen are good at talking. They are good at saying what the customer wants to hear. Lots and lots are not good at selling actually, They are good at lying to get the order. See also 12 great ideas for getting great salesmen in China 

Recruiting Salesmen in China is Hard if Done Right

A recent example is we found a seasoned salesman for one of our customers. He said he sold $5M a year. He was very open about his job trials. The client really liked him. So did we. Our standard background check turned up that he only did $1M in sales and just $250K was in new customers. With this information, the customer decided not to make the offer.  We totally agreed though it makes much more work for us as it always does.

You could always get lucky hiring someone like this, but you are much more likely to get burned. How many salesmen in China are working for you and selling for one or two other companies at the same time without telling you? We get salesmen who will even tell our Chinese recruiters this as if it was the standard.   They think our recruiters will stand with the Chinese salesman and not reveal his secret.

Hiring Good Experienced Salesmen is Really Hard

The total pool of experienced salesmen in your industry who speak English in any location is limited. We personally kick out a large majority as we are able to prove that they are not what they say they are.  That gets to be very hard work for us. It is work we love to do though. We love to find great salesmen who can really sell good value and do it honestly.  We are glad to put them to work. Our customers are too.




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