Recruiting Speed or Quality or Both?

recruiting speed or qualityRecruiting speed or quality or both is an important question.    I think we all like both. However, that needs a deeper thought. One can produce the other.

The need for the right hire reminds us to avoid rushing to a disaster. So, the right hire is key even if it takes another month. It may be key even if it takes 6 months, but doubts arise. How else can we think of speed and quality?

A key to speed is hiring manager availability. Many hiring managers can handle one interview a week, so job offers after about 60 days becomes common. This may be the best balance for most companies. Let’s look deeper.

Recruiting Speed or Quality May Be Speed Gets Quality

Moving one step faster to tighten the job offer to 45 days would be a gain for most companies that they should pursue. Background checks which we do before job offer take about a week.

Decision making and feedback are the next issues to improve. Slow decision making is a common problem. Companies have trouble making hiring decisions especially abroad it seems. Other priorities delay decisions that should be done crisply. Companies can combat this by working to get on the same page before starting the hiring process.  This prevents 6 month searches in some cases.

Feedback is a critical gap. Hiring managers fail to realize that feedback speed and details get the right candidate.  Feedback we get directs us to the right places and pushing the right candidates. Delay or lack of feedback hurts candidates and the whole process.  It is a critical gap that does not get enough focus.

If hiring takes over 4 months, then you have damaged the candidates by delaying too long. Some candidates need decisions in weeks, but most can last a month or so.  Although, they and we need feedback in hours or at most days.  Some delays may get you the candidate but waiting on your phone call or offer too long can cost you their passion for your company.

Let’s get back to the right hire. The right hire usually appears at about 30 days in the process. How fast he or she gets moved through the process to the offer is critical. The right hire is rarely the flashy good talker that appeared 2 weeks after the start. That person usually proves to be more talk them substance or worse. Many times the best hire is lost when delay and lack of feedback cause the main goal to fall short.

The second best hire may get an offer and may help the hiring manager, but something better can appear when we do hiring better and with more alacrity.

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