Recruiting Value Added All Around Needed

recruiting valueThere are several reasons people choose us. Recruiting value all around may be why they choose us and then stay with us. We do recruiting the way it should be done to get the right guy the right time.

For good reasons, many companies come to us because we are the only ones who will kick out candidates that the customer is ready to pay us for finding. We always talk about Trustworthy Talent® for a reason. It helps us place 12% Rock Stars 83% good hires and just 5% bad hires which we gladly replace.  See also Why We Background Check at SHI Group.

Others appreciate that we have better thinking on best fit placements. We do not coach candidates to get them in but rather tell them openly all we know about the opportunity boith good and bad, Because we do this many people will walk away. Becaue we find much more real data on candidates, we also give the company a better picture. Putting these two pieces together makes us overwhelmingly the best at gettng the right fit. It is imprtant to our recruiting quality.

Transparency is a hot button for us.  Therefore, we would never want to tell the candidates to submit resumes to us for fake positions or for a useless database. Both actions are done to give the clients an impression we have tons of positions and more vetted candidates when actually those actions are a useless farce. Fake positions also increase activity on their web site as 90% of people going to a recruiter are looking for work. In fact, we aim nothing at candidates. Lots of people are dong that to get more traffic.  We do not want to deceive them that we are working for them.

Recruiting Value in Many Places

Naturally, our screening ability causes them to say things like, Every guy you have me interview is a possible hire.”  Well, I am not sure we cannot say every, but for him it was working and works for most.   Candidates ask us for advice and we tell them to “be yourself”. When you are good enough, just be tyourself. Also, it makes for beter fit as we mentioned above.

We work so hard to get to know our clients is another issue. We like to understand why this position in question is valuable and how it fits into their business plan.

Our customers are Western Companies, so all our candidates have to speak English. Our ability to understand the English level needed and get it has also been mentioned by our customers. Being responsive and friendly has probably also helped.

Finally, we give free training on interviewing and recruiting thinking to customers who have interest. We love to spread the word on how to get the better people employed.


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