Recruiting When It’s Hard

recruiting when it's hardHow is recruiting when it is hard? Many recruiters will pitch you a few resumes they have in hand and see how it sticks. They hope to get lucky and win an easy buck.  If no luck, they move on to another placement. They work on the one that has the best chance of closing. They often lose interest if it looks hard.

We view it differently. In recruiting you need a partner. Part of that is not moving on when it gets hard. We employ recruiters and use a system that means we get busy when it gets hard.

At the base, recruiters put in search terms to find possible candidates. What do they do when it does not work? Many just move on. We dig in. We found that if we know our customers better and know the position better that we know possibilities emerge for finding the hard to find candidate.

Our heart position is critical to why we can always get customers a placement. We do not try. We commit. We tried once to have a freelancer help us, and we were so unhappy with that. It was clear from the start that he would only try. We have never gone to him again.

Recruiting When It’s Hard is When the SHI Gets Going

Finding innumerable ways is part of our strength. The right person is out there, but uncovering them and drawing then in is so hard. Joining interest groups and developing custom networks is sometimes needed, but those are rare, as usually hard work and commitment get the job done. Getting the candidate on board in the hard searches is a key part of our recruiting.  As usual, we are committed to being transparent with candidates and not use deception to bring in candidates in hard searches.

Hard projects should not mean a drop in quality. You still need a good hire. It just takes greater commitment. We take you there.




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