Recruitment Agency China – Getting the Rock Stars You Need

Recruitment Agency China – Getting the Rock Stars You Need

The ultimate goal of a search for Recruitment Agency China is to get someone to be your Rock Star in the position you need filled. You need to reduce risk and increase the chance of placing a rock star that does not ruin your budget. 

Every recruiter dreams of placing the rock star, but most treat it as a lottery entry and hope to get lucky. 

Rock Stars sometimes are diamonds in the rough. The Resume is not so good, but the person is amazing. 

Almost all Rock Stars are great from Day 1 and get better with time.  All of them have great teamwork ability and can bring remarkable added value in their space or company wide. They are on your team.  See also Recruitment Agency China Needs Great Thinking

Recruitment Agency China Rock Stars

We know 4-6 hours on each candidate skillfully researching is barely enough to know who the Rock Stars are and are not in many cases. That is the reason the rock star is too rare. We are shocked at how many rock stars are passed up because the process companies use does not pick them up. The resume does not look good, or you think they did not dress right for the interview are classic gut feel events that cost companies a chance at hiring rock stars. We know that good data is important to make good decisions in companies.  We think the same should be true in hiring, We look to find who the real person is and not just if the resume will impress a hiring manager. 

If all you want is a Rock star at writing resumes, we can find those easy enough, Some are rock stars at interviewing, and they get hired all the time despite their sub par performance on the job and lying that gets them places.  We need more data and getting it is how we filter performers out and discover the diamond in the rough. 


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