Recruitment Agency China – What Style Do You Need?

Recruitment Agency China – What Style Do You Need?

If you want to find just any recruitment agency in China, it is not too hard. Just Google Recruitment Agency China or some such things and you will find a long list and an endless supply. Further that googled list hardly touches the surface.  Many Recruitment Agency China Styles exist. 

Let me tell you of some of the styles of recruiting companies in China.

1. Fast as Lightening 

These companies are very good for low level positions where people have little education or recent graduates. They can pitch you these people within a day or a few days. Little screening is done. They assure they have the right major or availability and ship. 

2. Quantity

These companies handle more mid-level positions. They take a week to a month to identify candidates usually. Their expertise is speed and quantity. They do a short interview to make sure the person is ready to apply and then pitch. This gets lots of resumes for the HR and Hiring Manager. Often the right resume is within the pile.  It is deep water to filter, and you pay whoever first sent you that resume.

3. Some Quality

Some recruiters will take time to work to understand your company and the position in more detail. They often will be a step slower and so will ask for a retainer or two weeks, to a month, to 90 days of exclusive. They interview 20 minutes on average with 10 of more minutes either way. Usually, the people are pure HR people. Background checks will rarely kick out anyone in this case.   I know one recruiter like this say they do recruiting in the gray zone. 

4. Some Operations Thinking 

I believe some people like my business have operations people who now are in the recruiting field. They have a wider lens to consider who might work and to understand how to interview. Interviews are still often 15 minutes or a little more.

5. Line Background Checking 

Some companies do not recruit but do background check by line or position listed on the resume.  

6. Operations and Strong Quality and Penetrating Background Check 

Our company has deep operations experience and interviews candidates for 1-2 hours plus other interactions leading to 4-6 hours interaction with any candidate before you hire them. We use the interview to set up the background check. SHI Group sees integrating interview and background check is much more powerful in gaining a true understanding of the candidate. We kick out 72% of candidates in the background check. You will be surprised to see what we discover about the candidates we recruit. If you want all the data and a consultant for a recruiter, then level 6 recruiting is what you need.

To summarize, glad to introduce you to 6 recruitment agency China styles. Think clearly what you want. You may also want to read:   Recruiting Agency in China – 7 Ideas.


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