Recruitment Agency China Thinking – Does That Make Us the Middle Man?

Recruitment Agency China Thinking – Does That Make Us the Middle Man?

Recruitment agency China thinking could mean that we are a middle man who connects two parties.

It could go like this. “Oh, you need a welding manager? Frank is a welding manager and needs a job. You two talk. Bye.”

Most recruiters are not like that but all seem far from where we are in our boutique recruiting thinking.

Recruitment Agency China Thinking – Our Way

We are focused experts in finding the very specific people companies need and then vetting them until we know the real truth, and we do not mean by just interviewing.

I hired many people and focused on good hiring for 11 years until I solved how to really get good people. The next 9 years have been living in the light and not hoping such and such a guy is a good hire.

Small data is the key. Finding details that show integrity or disprove.  It is critical to get to facts. It is hard work, so other recruiters do not do it.  recruitment agency China thinking

Will the Right People Stay Longer?

A hiring manager asked me yesterday. “If you make a good hire, that guy will stay for at least 3 years, right?”

I smiled and said, “With any good leadership, yes. But bad leadership will always trump great recruiting. All the great recruiting in the world will not help if you do not make people happy in their work.”   In truth, some wrong hires will stay, but they will play politics and collect your money in salary each month. See also Recruitment Agency China

Perhaps you should hire us to change your top leader and fix the whole mess, so anyone you place will stay, and you have a real leader as leader. That includes that he or she will tell you the whole truth and be hands on to know what the truth is.

Somehow, that means to us that proper recruitment agency China thinking is a lot more than what we think of as a middle man.

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