Recruitment Agency in China – 7 Ideas for Choosing

Recruitment Agency in China – 7 Ideas for Choosing

What do you need in a recruitment agency in China?

I have had some people tell me, “English.” OK, we have the best English, but that hardly seems a core value even if needed.

You need responsiveness and a good service attitude. This is also important but not to the point.

You need great candidates. Absolutely!

However, if someone has a great resume and interviews well in sharp looking clothes, does that make him or her a good hire?  See Also 11 Thing You Need for Excellent Executive Search China.

In a Recruitment Agency in China, What Do We Really Need?

We have not found those correlate well. Some people have a great ability to make hiring managers feel well as can tell them what they want to hear. They often get the job offer. These kinds of candidates are often a very bad hire and hard to root out of your company. They are fabulous manipulators.

We know some people are bad at resumes and not great in interview but are great hires.  Others have changed jobs more often as had bad bosses, but are great hires who will give their all long term for the right company.

This is all very confusing if you are getting neutral candidates.

However, we are in China and crossing the line is common. Recruiters and recruitment companies can start to secretly team with the candidate against the hiring company. This makes an already difficult task insurmountable.

So you need a recruitment agency in China from the top leader to the lowest recruiter is working for you while being good and fair to all candidates. Not many recruiters can both be nice to candidates and not teach them how to act and even falsify.

So you need recruiters of high character and great people ability.  That means you need creative recruiters who

  1. know how to find the hard to find person
  2. understand your business model and needs
  3. have good English
  4. show a good service attitude in your recruiter.
  5. possess a strong integrated system that can find the best and filter out the skillful liars.
  6. are compellingly honest and
  7. working loyally for you to make sure you win

When you have it all, you will have the recruitment agency in China you need.


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