Recruitment is Hard -Especially in China

recruitment is hardRecruitment is hard. So hard.  I cannot imagine being a normal recruiter. Normal recruiters make the placement 1 out of 5 times. Many even less often than that. 80% of their effort is all for nothing. Thus, their disappointment is vast.  Result is high turnover or worse yet, burn out. They are still there, but they are already walking dead. Why should they care when it is highly likely that they can get no success at all. They can get their hopes raised and then dashed at the last minute, 80% of the time or more. Customers rarely see the need to apologize.

Because we dig deeper to understand and have the very best process, we succeed in getting the final fee nearly 80% of the time. Over half of the failed are because the company closed the position or made an internal placement.  A handful could not succeed as the company could not pay as much as the market required for the position.  (like the companies from India). The big headache out of 20% failure is that in each case, we worked hard and found someone that would have made our customer successful, but they could not hire.

Fortunately, 80% are total success. Furthermore, over 95% of our placements are successful hires for the customer.   As a result, our recruiters stay a long time. In 12 years of this business, we have only turned over one recruiter.

Recruitment is Hard, So Hard

Even though we are much, much stronger than other recruiters in China, we still face a lot of disappointment in finding candidates.  Developing them, lining them up, deeply background checking them, and finally not placing them is life draining. If we faced 80% no placement, we would have left the business long, long ago. Many recruiters do.  We had to totally give up on companies from India as it was too painful to see them consistently offer 10-20% below the candidate’s final offer. Maybe next generation we will try again. We do successfully serve more then 10 countries to our great surprise. 2 more countries will be added to the list soon. That also spices things up for us as we find the world such an interesting place each with their own cultures. We found some of this information at this site.

Our joy is to place candidates we have proven honest and capable with our loyal customers from around the world.


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