Recruitment or Talent Acquisition China

recruitment or Talent acquisition ChinaRecruitment or talent acquisition China could mean an argument over semantics.  However, the two are often used interchangeably, but slowing down to look at these words can help us think. The truth is we need both.

Recruitment generally means finding, recruiting, interviewing and placing candidates. It can mean a ton more. To us it means a lot more as we are doing.

Recruiting is getting people to apply for a job who otherwise might not. That is an important job actually.  Due to our care for candidates, we never lie to them to get them to apply. We warmly will help them see the true opportunity to give them a chance to see more.  We see that is not only ethical, but also leads to better fit as candidates come with a true picture.

Recruitment or Talent Acquisition China is Important Though Not the Terms?

Talent Acquisition China some might argue includes succession planning, and employer branding and every nice sounding word they can throw around. I am not sure if the base word justifies a naturally broad interpretation. Talent acquisition just looks like a fancy word for hiring to me. Planning and paying attention to your employee branding are certainly needed, and you can call us about these issues.   I have no interest in fighting over these terms. See also Talent Acquisition in China.

Given that lots of recruiters say they can background check and have never kicked out anyone via that check, we talk about deep background checks. Which means we had to use a different term to distinguish as ours kicks out 72% of candidates. Seems other background checks are literally to just check the box. We actually are not worried about other recruiters copying us as they do not want to kill their own candidates with a real background check.

My thought is we should be clear about what we do, but not fight over what these words may be made to mean.

So we can call it what you want, but will focus on finding you real data and real candidates as that is what you really need.



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