Remote Hiring in China

remote hiring in ChinaRemote Hiring in China is a special problem that needs better thinking then I have seen. Using the same recruiting style you used in the West puts you in the danger zone.

Managing across thousands of miles or kilometers would be one problem. The other is the culture gap is vast.  China and the West did not develop together or have any significant contact for 5000 years, The result is big differences that often bites Westerners doing this remote hiring.

You really need a recruiting company that can sort out all the trouble makers as you are remote hiring.

Many people in China can talk nice to hiring managers. Unfortunately, in their heart, they disrespect Westerners and their ways.

Others are just so stubborn in their ways that they make trouble for you in every turn as they want the China way. Again and again you can hear them say “this is China“.

Remote Hiring in China is Workable If Done Right

The good news is China has people who admire Western ways and want to learn how to do business the way the Western business does. A further subset of these have good talent. Yet another smaller group will honestly do their work without any funny business.

Ah, so you can see the complexity we work through to get the right people the first time for our clients every time. The right people are transparent and positive to develop the system and style you are looking for in your work. They also help you see China correctly.

Remote managing is hard and especially so if your hire is not teachable to learn your system, or is not transparent so you cannot know the whole story. We ensure both as you need both and functional ability as well.

For the North Americans, see also Hiring for a Remote Work Era.


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