Resiliency is Valuable and Needs a Good Team

resiliency is valuableIn the pandemic, We have seen gaps in resiliency in people and in organizations. Let’s take a look at how we get it in our organizations, because resiliency is valuable.  Recognizably, it is hard to quantify, but that does not mean you can afford to ignore it. For employees to be able to stand up in or after some crisis or bad experience, they need resilience. Resilience can stand up to the stressful day.

First, you need to hire people who have a store of resilience in them. We work on that, but this HBR article on resilience shows another key aspect.

HBR asked what wore down their resilience and 75% of people said it was office politics.You need people to be able to bounce back, and it is your company culture that is taking it out of them.

Now I know why I have managed amazingly resilient organizations. I do not accept politicians in my org and show them quickly to the door.  I also care for my workers, but HBR foind having no politics is the key.

Resiliency is Valuable and You Can Preserve

You may know from reading this blog that we seek people of transparency and teachability in all placements. Transparent people are not politicians. Politicians are the least transparent and the most tricky. Teachable people can admit mistakes and thus are able to learn from them.  This is a baseline for any managment hire in your China organization.  Companies rarely can get there and usually by accident.

People stay longer and bounce back from trial to be excellent workers when your organization is a supporting organization and not a political one.

Surprisingly few Western organizations get there in China. More are good at the dog and pony show.

Pat Lencioni famously said that the competitive advantage of a good team is hard to copy or match. Rarely can a company get everyone rowing in the same direction and with their whole heart. The results are fabulous. I think you can get there too. Getting the right top leader is certainly the most important question, but without supporting people on their team, they may be pushed out by the many politicians. We have seen some good leaders pushed out by  this very unfortunate means. The politicians must all be run out and not just the top leader. One by one things do get better.


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