Responsibilities or Goals for Hiring?

responsibilities or goals in hiring

Most JD’s list requirements and responsibilities, which is not wrong , but to capture the interest of candidates, we have to consider responsibilities or goals for hiring.

Candidates can be attracted to three things they are expected to accomplish in the next period like first year.

Responsible for sales, customer contracts and reporting

or $500,000 in product, develop relations with 50 customer contacts and earn money by maintaining sales records to show what you did.

OK, this might be manipulative, but you get my meaning, The right hires want a mountain to climb not a bolder to bear. See also Employer Brand Management.


Responsibilities or Goals for Hiring Seems To Have Answer

You have a reason for making this hire. You even have hopes and dreams or you would not make the hire. Let’s give some of that energy to candidates. They need it and so does your effort to find the right hire.

How can we energize the search effort? We need to say what we want to get done.

Accountants can clarify the accounting service, increase engagement with other departments, and create new efficiencies.

Any job faces certain requirements and has certain dreams. We need to talk about the dreams. The dreams are not foosball tables, but are real challenges to take on.

People do not take a job to drink tea— unless they are a bad hire. The right hire wants to look back after three years and have a list of accomplishments related to mountains they climbed.

We need to grab hold of that heart and not put cold water on it.

To get the right candidates who will throw their hats in the ring is critically important. It is not fate. Grab their energy to achieve any chance you get in the recruiting process, and you can get more of the right people to apply. Are you ready to energize them in this simple way? See also Executive Search in China Not Easy.

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