Resumes Lie in China too

resumes lie in China

Resumes lie – probably more than newspapers lie. Here are some quotea I found on the web.

A gap of only months between jobs can easily be disguised by indicating only years worked in your resume.

And how about his advice for your a resume taken from from a group that helps candidates do their resume?

If you stay with one company for five years, you will have a pretty good chance at securing a position because you will appear reliable. However, if you change jobs every two to six months, you are perceived to be a jumper. Employers will be less likely to offer you a job since they will predict you will leave sooner.

So what would you do now? What would the vast majority of Chinese people do having seen that quote?

There are two sides to this coin, and we can look at both here.

Resumes Lie as Candidates are Liars

Yes, some candidates are liars. Many candidates only lie under pressure. Can you afford to have either one of them giving reports to you?  Do you want them giving you forecasts on how many sales you will have next quarter?  If we know that resumes are a sign of how comfortable people are with their own skin, then we should be clear how they will act if they have made a mistake while working for you. Cover up may be the habit of most. How will they be when you correct them if they are uncomfortable with their own skin?

Resumes Lie as Companies are Foolish

Companies like to hire people with perfect resumes. They rarely want to pay what that person might be worth.  Further, even if that person’s resume is perfect, why would we have any sense that the resume is true as none of us is perfect? So, we should hire people who have imperfect resumes as they are the only ones who are telling the truth.  Do we hire people with perfect resumes when we know they are most likely lying just to make ourselves feel better? Do we ignore the people with the same experience who told the truth and therefore have an ugly resume or do we hire the person who was good at lying about their resume?  You can be sure that the person who wrote the truth will do real work and not be defensive about their errors. Hire the ugly resume, and you will likely hire a far better person. See also China Perfect Resumes.

Naturally, we focus on getting the facts and we are proud enough to say we are the best at identifying talent and finding the truth in China.  Hiring a real person is so much better than hiring someone who had a good resume and interviews well.

Resumes lie. Ready to dramatically improve your hiring?


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