Resumes – Top Western Company Chinese Leadership

Resumes – Top Western Company Chinese Leadership

Top leaders naturally have more achievement and more experience to list, and our company has a mittful that are good leaders as well, but the tendency is for leaders to drift away from building their teamwork ability. They are individual contributors of merit.  They compete, well the younger people compete too, but they are not as skilled at covering it.  Collaboration ability they might have had is already in the back seat.

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We can and do prove that most senior leaders are lying on their resumes. It is because of the opaque nature of most resumes, and even their interviewing skill that we have and do take a deeper look. Did you know that 72% candidates that are lying to get a job in China?

China does have excellent team player leaders who know how to and do collaborate and lead.  Saying it on their resume would not be proof of that.

You need to know their specific experiences and take time to dig them out. Due diligence is needed. However, I am off topic. Managers need to be force multipliers. They need to get their people to be heroes and not just be so themselves.  In many companies they get away with blaming their subordinates when they personally chose them to be weak.

Beware, some are team builders who build teams to make them personally look strong. They are B leaders and recruit C and even D level subordinates.  They are good individual contributors but cost you the value of so many people under them. See more on China Recruitment.


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