Saving Money on Recruiting or Salaries?

saving money on recruitingSaving money on recruiting or salaries? Which do you do? Let’s look at the options.

Let’s Look At Saving Money on Recruiting

You might do it in house, or you might want to get the cheapest recruiter. For many smaller companies, in house recruiting is a sign that they are over staffed as do not need hiring that much.  What does that person do the rest of the time? So that is not cheaper. Other note is HR in China is usually good at thinking cost and bad at thinking value.

The cheap recruiter does nothing more than pitch you low hanging fruit. Most such hires are desperate for a job and so can be found everywhere. They are usually desperate as got thrown out of their last business for reasons they will not want to talk to you about and hope you do not find out. Many times companies feel they got lucky when they hired such a person, but the happiness does not last past the first day of work.  Some of these hires have low salaries for good reasons and other have high salaries as are very good talkers.

When we see the people gotten by this process, we are often shocked. Most times such hires have half the ability and attitude of more professionally recruited.

When I look at the hiring done by such means, I know the company paid little and got less.

When recruiting is expensive or even retained, it does depend. Some recruiters are fast talkers as well.

It can possibly work better, when because the relationship is exclusive, the client has time to talk through all the details and questions from the recruiter.

Saving on Salaries Needs the Right Relationship

The recruiter with no up front fee knows they finish 1 out of 6, projects, so they must pile up many, many projects to feed themselves, so they cannot focus even though they get more of your time as exclusive. It does not matter, lack of any commitment from the customer means they do not dare to focus.

They will pitch whatever they can find.  Low hanging fruit often still predominates. Risk little and get little.

Our goal in partnership with our customers means we focus and can find candidates that are usually out of reach without deeper thinking and focus. We serve those who trust us with all our heart. It is an equitable relationship where we seek the good of those we serve and not just pitch expensive candidates.  Salaries is the big cost and on going. See also Is Recruiting About the Money?

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