Saving You Time and Saving You Money

saving you time At SHI Group, we are saving you time and saving you money every time we work for you.

We do the ground work at first so you do not have to waste your time with bad interviews.  How does SHI Group do that? I think we cover that part by caring to understand what the customer real wants and not planning to get lucky. Our 1 hour plus interview with each candidate where we dig dig dig also means we know them well enough to know if they are worth your time. 15 minutes would not get us there.

We know you have a day job and lots to do, so we work in way that takes care of your time.

We Save you Time and a Whole Lot More

The bigger fish is our deep efforts to make sure each placement is for the long hall. SHI Group wants to make sure that the placement we make is for the long term. We do not want have you to have to do this again in 6 months.  We cannot imagine you taking time to on board and integrate a hire only to have to do it again in 6 months. It is way too disruptive and hard on the whole team. so we make sure it does not happen.

We often tell our customers not to hire someone that we found. We do this when the background check shows that they will be hard to work with or not as good as they seemed in the interview. Um, we also find some are downright dangerous and will make a lot of trouble for your company. Past experience is by far the best measure of the future.  We look deep at their past experience and see how they operate. We also see how they handle their past. The best candidates can come to term with their mistakes and own up to them. We are shocked each time candidates will act like they did nothing wrong when the data shows something different.

Oh, you know very well how much it costs you to repeat the process 6 months later. Yes, we are saving you a lot of time and money.

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