See No Evil Means No Problem — in China?

See No Evil Means No Problem — in China?

The monkey who did not see evil and the story of the ostrich putting his head in the sand were both in deep denial. Did the recruiting process in China get even to 1 sigma?  Should we just accept that is the way things are? Are Western companies in China the ostrich?

Many companies have about a 50% success rate in hiring. Oh my, and people feel resigned that it must be that way. So if a guy is 60% successful, he feels he has arrived and earn money recruiting.

Now I have a secret to tell. On recent grad hires we cannot rise much above 60%. We simply do not have the systems and the experience to be professional in that space.

See No Evil Does Not Mean No Evil At All

However, in the management space, we have developed a great system that exceeds 95% success.  How much is that 35-45% gap worth?  Many companies call a good hire someone who is punching a clock every day and seems to need little oversight. However, the politics rages on. People roll their eyes and otherwise hurt team work and you never know. Problems exist, and no one will say anything. So actually the gap is much bigger than 35%-45%. The gap is close to 70%.

The politicians get ahead and they are skilled…. at politics. They know what to say when the boss is here and what not to say as well.

We had a customer looking for a GM who was deeply attached to gut feeling, and the guys he gut feeling wanted we all proved to be untrustworthy candidates that we withdrew. He could no stand the great candidates. They did not warm his heart somehow.  So he went to another head hunter.  He quickly had ‘vetted’ candidates from a name brand head hunter that made him feel so good. He hired one quickly and sneered at us.  Then the best managers quickly started to resign and go to new places. His situation had gone from bad to worse. The other recruiter apparently saw no evil. They probably have a money relationship with his China HR that will keep the bad things moving.  No one will see any evil, though it is all about.   Nevertheless, the Western firm committed to hiring by gut feel got burned.



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