SHI Group Loves People Work

SHI Group loves people workSaying SHI Group loves people work personifies our company, but we can break that down.

Since I arrived in China in 1991, I have always had a focus on people. People and cultures fascinate me.  When I met Paul in 2005, I quickly found he had the same fascination I had. However, I am getting ahead.

From the fame I gained in 1997, throughout a successful people focused factory start in Tianjin, I was developing thoughts on Chinese people, leadership and getting the right people.

Sure, I learned about technology. (High technology is the successful combination of many simple things) I also learned about process and even got a green belt in Six Sigma along the way.

But my success in finding people went along with developing more thoughts in getting the right people. By the time I started my own company on June 10, 2009. Paul and I had become close friends on the same page. I taught him my 0-1 leap on recruiting and the many facets where I had made discoveries. I felt I had a mature product, but Paul and his team added 2,3,4,5,6,7, and 8 in the past 15 years. Our success has gotten better and better.  We are right where we want to be in the midst of people and people issues.

SHI Group Loves People Work and We Always Will

15 years later, we feel we are just getting started.  SHI Group has been and is buried in people all the time. We would not have it any other way. We like doing what we do because we like placing great hires. SHI Group also is glad we can prove which guys should not get the nod and have them sit at home. At least they are not in your business or on our record. But the right guys are people you and I are always glad to know and stay in touch with. My customers hold these people for a very long time.

Recently, we solved a very big headache for a German technology company. They had tried for more than a year. It was a very hard nut to crack, but they have the people they need now and are moving forward after really being held back. I suggest they will keep those people a long time as well.


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