SHI Group Site Has 700 Posts!

SHI Group Site Has 700 Posts!

SHI Group is more than a recruiting company. We are a recruiting consultancy with a wealth of knowledge as shown in 700 pages of content on this SHI Group site. Welcome to take a look around. 

I started blogging Dec 12, 2010. So this is also the 8th anniversary of the blog.  We have 680 published blogs and 20 pages of evergreen material. What amazes me is going back to blogs from 8 years ago, they are all as relevant today as they were then. 

There is a wealth of people focused thought here to include Leadership, China culture, Decision making, interviewing, change management, China government thinking, and much more. 

My 27 years of focus on China and business from a people perspective means I have seen a lot and thought a lot to come to deeper conclusions. 

Clearly, my deepest discoveries have been in China recruiting. We saw that normal recruiting was like the emperor had no clothes and decided to reinvent recruiting to reach a better day. We are so glad to be right where we are.  

So welcome to come celebrate with us by looking around the categories and finding something interesting to read.  A lot of the blogs are around 400 words. The evergreen pages are all over 1000 words and include several videos. Great and insightful stories are in the videos and each is 4 minutes or less. The home page has nearly 3000 words. 

Some SHI Group Site Content That I Really Like

I like this Recruitment Agency China Info Graphic

 Further, I like this blog on Executive Search.

Also, I like some first blogs in December 2010 called The Company or Me and Yes, the Problem is Us

Even take a look at long a ago written A Different kind of Genius for China.

My favorite video is the Simple Company Transformation Story.

I imagine some of you have your favorites as well. I thank you all for reading and staying with us. Some of you have even kept an eye on us these 8 years of blogging. 

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