Should Recruiters Make You Look Good?

should recruiters make you look goodShould recruiters make you look good? Let me talk about that from what we are seeing serving our Western Customers.

On the Web I see advice for recruiters to put the very best face on the customer to help them get the best talent. We are aware that that leads to shock when people start working. Some immediately start looking for new work. Others just lose all motivation and start collecting a check each week.

Many recruiters use this path as they will do anything to make the deal and collect the free. We take a much longer view. Our goal is to make a win-win relationship where neither side is cheated.

The matches we make mean our hires stay a long time as no one is fooled by false appearances in the process.

Thus, our goal is to present a real picture of you and your company.  You may also like How Do I Find a Good Recruitment Agency?

Do You Want to Have Recruiters Make You Look Good?  How About Make You Look Real?

We work with companies that can nod to this idea.  Growing transparency needs to go both ways at each level of the process.

We will often tell candidates things like this customer is in crisis or the China org needs turn around work. We will tell them as much as you are willing to have us do. You attract the right candidates via a true picture of your company. That gives you better success in hiring.

We also dig to understand your business, so candidates can feel what they are getting into if they join your company. Each company has their own niche and their own way of doing business. The candidates need to sense that, so they can know if they can help you.

Finally, this kind of work takes more time in the first contact and in the interview for us, but it is so valuable for bringing in the right candidates that we consistently seek to do it. see also Recruitment is Hard.

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