Should We Care About How Candidates Feel?

Should We Care About How Candidates Feel?

A friend of mine sells health ointments. If the customer asks to see the ointment and even try it, that is OK. If the customer then ignores the ointment for several weeks, the ointment is just a thing so does not care. Candidates have passion and lose passion. They have friends in your industry, and they talk on social media. The ointment does not.  Perhaps we need to care about how candidates feel.

Candidates care. You tell them you have an opening, and they say they are interested.  They start checking their mail more and making sure their phone has electricity. After a few weeks of waiting, you have lost something. The ointment my friend sells did not lose anything.

Do We Know How Candidates Feel?

So you set up a WeChat interview, and the candidate asks off work and makes sure they have a good WiFi connection. They make sure to have professional clothes if it is a video call. If you are late or delay, do not have a good WiFi connection or even lack a professional attitude, these will all make an impression on the candidate. They do not know how your company runs, so they judge you very heavily on these things.  They want to join a company that will respect them and honor their commitments. Anything you do to harm that expectation will push them away.

It is more than just whether you have cared for how the candidates feel. Furthermore, you may have hiring managers inside or outside China, and they need to also consider this question.

How About Your Other Hiring Managers? and HR?

We had a contract with a US customer in the Midwest. He liked a resume for a different position than we were recruiting for.  He then had his Chinese GM handle it. The candidate lived 200 km from their office. GM arranged for him to come talk face to face. The candidate took off work and traveled there. Candidate sat down at the right time and the GM asked, “Is your experience with aluminum or steel?”  The candidate said aluminum.  The GM sent him home.

How do candidates feel when you treat them like this? What do they say to their friends? What do they put in their social media?  Any wonder why they have trouble getting good candidates to apply?   Further, does the HQ even know the Chinese GM acts like this?  HQ needs to know.  The GM who does this is likely doing some kiss up and kick down behavior all the time which is definitely hurting your business. See also: Why New Employees Leave and How to avoid.

However, back to how candidates feel. All hiring managers need to sit back and think how they would feel if they were the candidate.  For example,  how long would you like to wait on the interviewer in the lobby without any guidance?  Would you want notice earlier than 15 minutes before interview that is has to be canceled? How long would you think would be fair to candidate?  Do not assume you other managers have thought through this. The whole company needs a standard to reach.


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