Sourcing Chinese Management Is a Lot of Work

sourcing Chinese management Are you sourcing Chinese management? It is both easier and much, much harder than you think.

Putting up an ad can get you candidates, but we all know that these candidates are desperate and sending their resumes everywhere.

We, in 12 years of full time recruiting, have only placed one that applied on our ad. Several have gotten interviews, but the background check always showed that they were lying to get the job offer.

Our business is built on the creative, capable, and honest people I hired to recruit. Creative is needed as candidates rarely jump out when you first start to search. You have to be able to think in many ways to uncover candidates who are not looking for a job.  It takes extreme commitment to keep going when already no more candidates appear. You must do this to find the fabled passive candidates. Sourcing these kinds of candidates then needs talent to open the conversation when you cold call them.

Sourcing Chinese Management is So Hard

Then it needs ability to quickly give them a picture of the opportunity. Relational ability and the capacity to build trust are key competencies as well. Finally, they need compelling honesty.   When they find a candidate and later uncover that the person is lying, honesty is put to the test.   Also take a look at Great Recruiting is Hard Work.

Losing a candidate that the client likes due to uncovering the ugly truth is a big problem. Now that you lost the very hard to find great candidate, you, as the recruiter, now need to find a new one who has actually done what they said. It is much easier to say the person checks out and sell them to the customer. Recruiters at other companies learn not to ask any questions that would uncover unpleasant truths.

Systemically. we also have to pay correctly. We do not pay recruiters for finding hard to find candidates. That would be tempting them to package and sell candidates. We give money to all employees based on the overall success of the company. SHI Group is one team facing the hard task of sourcing very hard to find candidates with our clients’ limited resources.  We would not have it any other way. See also Good China Hiring is Hard to Make and Critical.


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