Strongest Feeling Hiring is Not Enough

strongest feeling hiring

Our own heart is the biggest puzzle

Dan Harris of China Law Blog says you should have a contract with a supplier no matter how much you feel the love.  That made me smile.  So true. This is equally true in interviewing.   Strongest feeling hiring is not enough, you still need to know if what was said was true.

You can feel you really want to work with this person. That will openly lead you down the darkest alley if this person is manipulating you. 72% are. The ones who can give you the strongest feeling have a special ability to grab your emotion. That is their skill, and the people who are really working for you can be pushed aside.  You must check these guys out even deeper than others, because they have the ability to hurt you more.

How to Think in the Strongest Feeling Hiring Puzzle

Unfortunately, it is just these people you least want to check. You already are in their grasp. They likely know it.  We have seen the wreckage.  You see these bad hires in a few days, a few months or worse yet, a few years. These kind of hires that can blind you and make you not want to check cause the most trouble.

I am not trying to say that every interview that makes you feel good is a bad hire. I am saying they are the most dangerous as they get you to let your guard down without enough proof. 72% are very good talkers.  So we need to get the data behind the resume before we give someone our heart.  Dating and marriage are surely in this, but that is outside of this conversation.

We had a Western Owner tell us he could forgive that small lie in the candidate that gave him the strongest feeling. However, a small lie in the guy who only gave him a little feeling would mean he kicked them out. Can you see the danger? We need to train ourselves to double check the people who give us the strongest feeling.     See also A Little Lie in China Tells You a Lot.


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