Quality China Recruiting To Make You Successful

Quality China Recruiting To Make You Successful

My team likes to buy things that are good quality. We also like to do Top Quality China Recruiting. It feels good consistently providing candidates that are just what the customer needs.

We believe that the customer needs to be able to sleep well at night, and we want to too. Let me explain.

If we had to wonder if you would find out our placement lied to get the job before our guarantee period ended, we would not sleep well. If you are not sure if this candidate will solve your problem or cause more, and you live across the ocean, then you are not sleeping well.  We both deserve better sleep, but only Quality China Recruiting from us will get both of us good sleep.

What is Quality China Recruiting

Some people call it Premier China Recruiting. What would you expect? Would you…

  • Expect them to specifically know what you need with little trouble for you?
  • Want them to do more than cursory search?
  • How about more than a cursory interview?
  • Want them to be able to give you guidance and perspective on which candidates are best?
  •  Be ecstatic if they were brave enough to withdraw a candidate than might have earned money for them?
  • Want them to be able to confidently say if the candidate is what his resume says?

Let’s look at them one by one.

Knowing what you specifically need

Actually this is about if the China Recruiter can see you as a unique business. It is useful if they have placed some similar positions, but it is a handicap if they see you as being just another one of those. Each company has a unique culture and unique history leading to the need they have today. Quality recruiting tries to dig out more from you than you knew you had. Usually, you want more than you can actually put on paper and the premium recruiter can get it out on the table. See also  8 Keys to Attracting Top Talent

Quality China Recruiting is More than a Cursory Search

Recruiters with experience usually have some candidates in hand all the time. They can find resumes on line and see if they want to apply in short order.  However, you have specific needs and need more than the convenient out of work person we know.  You need someone who knows where to look and have time and resources to find your kind of candidate. You need someone who will tirelessly look until you are satisfied.  Also see this insightful infographic.

More than a Cursory Interview

It does not take too long to see if the guy will apply though the right recruiters can draw in more of the right people.  It also takes little time to find out if he speaks English and can send a resume. You need someone who can filter a lot better than that. Then you require a professional recruiter who can draw out more than you imagined out of a candidate. You further need someone who cares enough to dig deep with candidates to find if they really did something. Details show a lot, and persistence and curiosity can get us a full picture of an individual. But it takes time and deep insight into how to get real answers out of a candidate.

I invented the model that gets us deep. Let’s call that the zero to one step. However, as I hired highly creative and engaged staff, they added the 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 to that thought and keep going. Deep interest, prayer, and focus gave me zero to one, and hiring and leading like the people we find for you got the rest.   That is a lot more than even a good interview which is hard for you to get in most recruiters.

Do you want them to give you consulting and not just throw candidates at you?

Since China is a unique place, would you want them to be able to understand more and give you guidance? Would you want them to have enough ownership to have an opinion that they can back up with data and understanding?

Have you had a recruiter tell you they have learned more and want to Withdraw a Leading Candidate for the position?

If you have never met a recruiter who will kill his own candidate to save you time and money, then you have not yet lived.  It takes an extraordinary China recruiter that will say they found out this candidate actually lied, and the new story is not positive.  How many recruiting companies have you met who will stop you from making the offer as they know the candidate is a better interviewer than leader? That is premium recruiting. Premium recruiting can find out deeper data beyond the interview to help you avoid a car wreck, and they will tell you.   Also see 11 Things You Need for Excellent Executive SearchQuality China Recruiting 2

Would you like the recruiter to Recommend Candidates that can be hired?

A great recruiter knows you well enough and knows the candidates well enough to recommend candidates and have transparent data to back up their choices. This kind of recruiter has done enough and can confidently say: “We recommend this candidate.” They do not just give you candidates and hope.  They work hard and recommend. You may also like: We Will Reap What We Sow in China Recruiting 

Conclusion on Quality China Recruiting

Very few companies understand that great recruiting is a step ahead of the rest. Many do not even know that such a recruiter exists. It is not easy to hold standards this high.  You have a unique company, and you need a candidate who can be truthful and capable. More than that,  you need a candidate with the teachability to understand and implement on your vision. Some talented candidates are so full of themselves that they will not get or do what you are thinking. They like to say “This is China”.  You deserve the best and to reach the targets you are after is not easy. You need top notch people on your team who can really commit to your team. They are hard to find and prove out, but are gems when you get them. See Also SHI Group China Services

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