The China Political Model

The China Political Model

Foreign Affairs has an excellent article up that explains the China Political Model and why they are successful.

China has been very successful in giving freedom to succeed to its people, and so they have succeeded in 40 years of fabulous growth.

How they do it is different than in the West, so it is often misunderstood and even condemned.

The article says Deng Xiao Ping saw China needed wise leadership of the party while avoiding Mao’s Top Down excesses.

Furthermore, the article noted that Deng added elements of democracy to the party and governance. They further achieved success by allowing space for bureaucrats to try many different models.

The Chinese Political Model is Not Evil

As such, even in an era where the top leader is trying to control all, elements of democracy and free thought still exist that keep the party on track with best thought. They are nationalistic but so are a many Western countries like the Us for example. That is a shared problem in international trade.

Also notable, China avoided deep Nepotism and leaned toward a system of meritocracy. Beginning 2000 years ago in the Han Dynasty and becoming full fledged 1000 plus years ago in the Sui and Tang dynasties, China encouraged a system of merit as opposed to birth or charisma.

In the West, our political leaders are often chosen more by a feeling and how they appear in public speaking. Thus, we rarely get leaders who are experts in the problems we face. In my life time, the US has twice elected TV personalities to be President for example. I am not saying such choices cannot help the country, but it is not a meritocracy.

Chinese political choices also cannot be all good. However, the principles give strength to the China Political Model and have for more than a millenium.

So I would encourage us to not look down on the Chinese government. They have done a lot right. That’s why they grow. That’s why they have 1.4 billion people. Further, it is why they now have over 400 million middle class people. It is an amazing success story.

Let’s appreciate what they have done even why we work to avoid the bad apples in China that every country has. See also How Good is our China Hiring Process?

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