The Recruiting Process is Broken

the recruiting process is brokenIf I say the recruiting process is broken, most heads nod. Most recruiters have moved to algorithm key word recruiting without any progress. Well, it sounds good and saved them a lot a labor.  Just the same people can only nod that the recruiting process is still broken. Medium has up a post noting in detail the broken recruiting process. Here as some quotes from it.

Recruiting Process is Broken- Note the Data

In a survey of two hundred CEOs, only 21% felt they received the value they paid for their executive searches. Yet, the headhunter business continues to thrive.

The current practice of hiring executives is flawed. The chances of picking a winner based upon a resume, personal interviews, and a reference or three, is quite low.

Interviews are usually aced by good performers, not necessarily good candidates, and often have little relevance to future job success.

Google, which unsurprisingly carefully grades hiring interviews, found that interview scores had no correlation with performance of those who got hired. Barry Deutsch, an executive recruiter himself, notes that in his 30 years of executive search encompassing 250,000 interviews, he could not find a single correlation that links how someone interviews and their on-the-job performance.

The higher up you go the worse it gets as they get better at interviewing. Hiring managers think that people in the market should be perfect.  Who in a senior role has a perfect resume? The article further notes that one recruiter said they caught 56% lying and know that there are many more they did not catch.

So of course, the process is broken. Garbage in leads to garbage out. See Hiring and Interview Process 12 Thoughts to Hire Well.

More Good Data and More Success

In 1997. I saw that hiring on resume and interview was rolling the dice, and so, started gradually to develop a rigorous recruiting process that works.  We feel sorry for recruiters and hiring managers generally knowing what we know now.

We are helping hiring managers from real data, and the results are startling. Suddenly. good hiring works consistently.

We have never strongly recommended a candidate that has not turned out to be a good and usually even great hire for our customers.  You may also like How to Hire Great Leaders of Any Type.

The biggest hiccup we have is customers often feel they know more than the data, and will refuse the great hire. Something beyond the data enters in and muddles the process. The customer then ends up with a mediocre hire as great hires suitable for them is highly limited. Our great hire % is now 25% as our customers regularly will not believe us and run forward to hire the mediocre candidate. If our customers listened to us more. we would be at 50% great hires. Regardless, even when they get mediocre hires, they are good and honest and do work for many years for our customers. What they missed is highly regretable. So businesses that come to us can actually escape blind hiring with false data. When they can hear us yet more, their success will be even higher.

A new day has come, and the broken hiring process is mostly overcome. When we all can believe the data, it will be even better. We guarantee it.

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