The Right Fit Hiring in China

right fit hiring in ChinaSHI Group undeniably has the ability to get right fit hiring in China.

We hear companies talking about fit like it is some kind of mysterious chemistry between the company and the  candidate.

We see a much better way to achieve best fit. It is rarely achieved unless people come to us.

If the candidate talks great with the hiring manager and the team, does that give you great fit?  If the candidate makes you feel good, is that great fit?

We find these are bad markers for fit as so many candidates are very good at knowing what the hiring manager wants them to say.  So they can make the hiring manager feel great because they are great performers. These performers are some of the very worst hires. See also Interview Performance-Do You Really Want the Best Actor?

A Real Path to Real Fit Hiring in China

We think it is impossible to get good fit unless both sides know the real data of the other side. Otherwise, any fit that is felt is illusory as is it is based on facts that are not true.  For example, most candidates can tell you a very good way to connect with lower level workers  They know the theory. It is something very different to actually connect with lower level workers. Of course, many candidates can tell you amazing stories of how they connected with workers because they sense what you want to hear. This also could be just a good story and will rarely happen when they work for you.

SHI Group Definition of Right Fit – Right fit happens when the candidate knows everything he should know about the company he or she decides to join. Likewise, it requires that the company knows all the real data about the candidate.

Then the candidate and the company are both making decisions based on the truth. That gives you an excellent shot at excellent fit.

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